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Florida Vikings FC is announcing the Florida Vikings Cup and a partnership with Storvretacupen

This past summer of 2022 has brought great success to the Florida Vikings FC NAFL team. Their win in the inaugural season of the NAFL has caught the attention of many floorball organizations and f

ans from around the world. Florida Vikings FC continues its effort to grow youth sports, not only by showcasing floorball in the U.S. via NAFL, but now also with its own floorball cup.

Storvretacupen is the biggest youth floorball tournament in the world. The Junior Orlando

Vikings will be participating in the Storvretacupen this coming winter of 2022.

Storvretacupen has recently announced their partnership in the upcoming Florida Vikings Cup.

“We are very excited to partner with the Florida Vikings Cup and try to help to spread floorball in the states through this unique opportunity. We hope many teams around the world take the opportunity to participate in the tournament and visit beautiful Florida” - Adam Troy from the Storvretacupen organization.

The tournament will be hosted alongside the 2023 NAFL games on the weekend of July 22-23 and will also include the USA Youth Nationals. Any participating team may compete against the US based teams in the national’s portion of the tournament.

The cup invites teams of the following age groups for the year 2023: U16 (2007-2008), U14

(2009-2010), U12 (2011-2012). The teams are co-ed and will be ranked on perceived skill level.

IFF rules and USA Floorball guidelines will be followed.

Registration is now open:

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