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Jr. Florida Vikings

Join our Youth Development Program. We are looking for driven and motivated youth with a goal to be professional floorball players.

We offer support  and opportunity to develop as leaders. Florida Vikings offer our Jr. Florida Vikings with opportunities in the U.S. and abroad. Just as our professional team you can be part of our Jr. team if you are from North America or as well as anywhere else in the world. We compete in tournaments and attend camps together. Some members of our youth program have already graduated to our team in North American Floorball League, playing in the same team as some of the best players in the world such as Kevin Haglund and Niklas Ramirez.

Any youth is welcome to fill out our form to request to join us and you will officially be part of the team when you accept our invitation to one of our events. At that time you will be part of the Vikings family, get exposure through our social media and an experience of a life time. When you enter one of our events you will have the opportunity to be scouted for the Florida Vikings FC professional team.

There is no need to leave your local club, no obligations and just opportunities. Answer the information below and let your journey begin.

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