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"Only our imagination can stop us"

Our professional team, Florida Vikings FC, was created to bring excitement to our youth in North America and all over the world. We set our goals to create the best team possible to showcase the sport in the U.S. and we brought on some of the best players in the world. We will continue to build on our success as back-to-back Troy Cup Champions and our goals are set for 2024 and beyond. 

Florida Vikings FC is arguably the best club team to ever play on U.S. soil.

"I have seen the leadership from Florida Vikings FC first hand over the last couple of years building up floorball in U.S., had an amazing time playing with them and I am excited to see where to take the team next" says Kevin Haglund from FBC Kalmarsund. 

Florida Vikings FC will not be part of NAFL for 2024. After the league made it official we have received an overwhelming amount of communication and we owe it to our organization, supporters and fans to make our own announcement here.

Due to last minute hardships we were not able to attend the league fall meeting and therefore the decision was made to make us ineligible by the commissioner/league owner. So, it was out of our hands and unfortunately not our choice. We can only speculate as to why. We wish the teams well for the upcoming season.

The league was a good warm up for us and we have now changed focus that leads us down some really exciting paths. Stay tuned for upcoming Florida Vikings FC plans for 2024 and 2025. We have created a sign up list here for players and coaches interested in joining our pro team in future opportunities. 

We also continue to focus on youth. We have confirmed and announced we will offer our 3rd annual Peaches Vikings Camp for 2024 (registration here). We are urging youth from all over the world to find a way to attend this exciting camp meeting other youth, world class players and coaches. 

"We have had two amazing years in Orlando, but this year promises to be greater than ever", says Josef "Pepa" Juha, coach and joint founder of Peaches Vikings Camp

2nd edition of Florida Vikings Cup for youth is in the works. This is also an international cup that included the USA Floorball Youth Nationals 2022. You can read more about the Youth Nationals here:

Our Jr. Florida Vikings FC team will continue to attend tournaments and camps in Europe, as we have been doing for several years, to develop the North American youth and bring up the level of play here. We attended Storvretacupen 2023 where we made it to quarterfinals. We are always looking for new players to join us.

We will continuously announce our plans on Social Media platforms and website as they are finalized. 

"Only our imagination can stop us", says owner Daniel Williamsson.

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