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Jr. Vikings to Storvretacupen 2023

The Florida Vikings are excited to announce that our junior team will attend Storvretacupen 2023, in Uppsala, Sweden. Storvretacupen is one of the biggest floorball youth tournaments in the world. The Florida Vikings’ junior teams have been attending floorball youth tournaments such as Storvretacupen and Gothia Cup since 2019. We are excited to continue participating in international tournaments to extend and improve our youth development with opportunities not currently offered in the US.

"I’m very thankful for this opportunity that the Vikings have given me. I’m very excited to play along side people from both the USA and Sweden. I’m looking forward to learning more about this sport we love and hopefully play in Sweden in the future." says Tommy MacQueen who is joining Vikings from Canada and plays in the Canadian U19 team.

Similar to the Florida Vikings’ professional team, players come together from all stretches of the world to train, learn, play, and create new experiences in the world of floorball. We plan on continuing to attend many more international events such as tournaments and camps to continue the growth of youth floorball.

"My experience playing in Storvretacupen with Vikings last year was amazing. The games are very fast-paced and physical.  The style of play is different than how we play in the United States. I remember the floorball community was so upbeat and encouraging, wanting everyone to do their best and improve.  Playing in Sweden increased my love of floorball and inspired me to improve my game. I will always remember my first time playing in Storvretacupen and will cherish it for the rest of my life." says Caleb Lederman who plays in USA Floorball U19.

Storvretacupen 2023 will be held from December 27th to 29th. Make sure to show your continuing support whether in-person or online. Go Vikings!

"I have been part of Storvretacupen playing with Florida Vikings FC or USA Floorball several times now. It is always an amazing experience and I am really looking forward to playing with the Vikings team again this year and compete together. " says Luke Williamsson who currenlty plays for Storvreta HJ17 and USA Floorball National Team.

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