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Peaches Vikings Camp is back 2023

Emilynn Williamsson


Peaches Kemp (camp) originated and is held in Czech Republic with the goal of providing advanced, professional floorball training in a fun, competitive environment.

The camp is led by professional floorball players and coaches. Youth floorball players from across Czech Republic come together to get a once in a lifetime opportunity to train at the camp and improve their floorball skills.

In the past summer of 2022, Peaches Kemp partnered with Florida Vikings floorball to create an intense Peaches Vikings training camp here in the United States. The camp was coached by Czech floorball super star Josef “Pepa” Juha. Pepa was also team captain for the Florida Vikings floorball NAFL team.

The camp was also co-coached by many of the other Florida Vikings players such as Liam Williamsson, goalie Trent Kling, Roman Pass and coach/owner Daniel Williamsson.

Pepa was the heart of the camp and pushed every player to be their absolute best. Every part of the camp was taken seriously from warmups to cool downs.

Coach Pepa was not afraid to correct mistakes. Each learning opportunity was voiced and understood. For each false pass, a new one was made until it had the correct speed, strength, and accuracy. Each missed goal resulted in 10 push-ups. Pepa ensured each player was training to their full potential.

Pepa coached each camper to be confident in their plays. Players were taught to call out for passes, take every goal opportunity, and most importantly, celebrate each goal.

Players from all over the United States were able to meet other floorball youth from Czech Republic. The campers shared different skills and tricks with each other. They talked about their differences when it came to food, weather and practice routines. The camp provided a space to create lasting international friendships.

The camp featured a variety of floorball training, scrimmages and games with campers and Florida Vikings players. Campers were also taught about “floorball life” which included proper nutrition, sleep and care for before and after practices. The camp held an emphasis on the importance of proper athletic health, practice, and discipline throughout the week for campers to incorporate into their floorball training even after the camp.

Campers were also granted admission for the NAFL games held in Orlando, FL to watch their coaches put their teachings in action.

The camp focused on floorball training as well as comfortability and confidence in the sport. Campers were encouraged to celebrate their goals, learn from their mistakes, cheer on their teammates and give it their all, always.

The Peaches Vikings camp was an unforgettable experience that provided a high intensity training like no other seen before in the US.

Once again, the Peaches Vikings camp will be returning in the summer of 2023 with even more exciting and high-level training.

The camp invites and encourages any young floorball player wishing to improve their skills and become the best player they can be. Camp dates for 2023 will be from July 17th-20th for camp 1 and July 24-27 for camp 2.

Registration is open and can be found at www.

Come out and show us what you got!

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